Greece has a unique gastronomic tradition. Blessed with a Mediterranean climate, a rich biodiversity and a location on the cusp between Europe and Asia, it is a land where nature’s most precious gifts meet a people that is both restless and resourceful. This has resulted in an understanding and appreciation of the beneficial role of natural products like olive oil, honey and herbs that runs so deep, it can be traced back to ancient times. This tradition has been preserved and continuously enriched up to our days whereupon modern scientific techniques have come to confirm what has been widely believed for centuries i.e that the inclusion of these products in a balanced diet can contribute dramatically to our wellbeing and longevity.

Until recently the representation of these essential Greek products in the UK has been fragmented, if not altogether nonexistent. People visiting Greece would come away with the most wonderful impressions about the culinary gems they had encountered there, but with very limited hope of discovering these back home. In the rare occasions that this was possible, the variety of the offerings would usually be too limited, the traceability non-existent and the quality very often questionable.

Isle of Olive aims to be a metaphorical island, but a very real place, where modern day Greece can be discovered here in the UK, through the smell, taste and feel of natural products that occupy an important part in the daily life of the Greek people. Working directly with independent producers, agricultural cooperatives and passionate artisans, Isle of Olive sources and makes available to the UK market only the finest, authentic food products and ingredients, with a focus on knowledge, traceability and respect for the environment. You can find us at our beautiful East London shop, the colourful street market of Chapel Market in Islington, where we trade every Sunday, at various food events, fairs and festivals throughout the year or you may try our products at the deli shops and restaurants we work with. No matter how it happens though, your visit to Isle of Olive is guaranteed to be an enjoyable one.

Welcome to Isle of Olive

Gregoris and Paulina