Clean Monday

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Clean Monday marks the start of the Lenten period for Orthodox Christians. It is a moveable celebration that always occurs at the beginning of the 7th week before Easter Sunday, symbolising purity as on that day we start 'cleansing' our bodies and souls from all impurities, hence the name! In fact, during the week leading up to [...]

Winter Vegetable Salad with Lentils

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Healthy, soothing salad, full of goodness for the months after Christmas excesses! Serves 4 as a generous side salad 200g green lentils ¼ thinly sliced white cabbage 1 shredded carrot 1 sliced leek (the white part only) 1 diced sour green apple 1 roasted red pepper (homemade, or shop-bought in a jar) Red grape vinegar [...]

Butternut Squash & Celeriac Soup

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Preparation time: 50 mins Serves: 6-8 portions   1 butternut squash (approximately 800g) 1 celeriac (approximately 1kg) 1 large onion dried sage extra virgin olive oil unrefined sea salt black pepper vegetable stock (2lt) truffle butter   Finely chop the onion and fry it in olive oil until it's soft. Peel the butternut squash and [...]

Halloween Witches Nests

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Our lovely Chef; Thomas Ntinas, has prepared an extra special recipe for you this Halloween! Halloween Witches Nests! If you want to go for something a little different this year, inspired by Greece, this is the recipe for you!   Preparation time: 1hr Serves: 15 individual nests 1 pack kataifi fillo (500g) 1 pumpkin (approximately [...]

Traditional Greek Bean Soup {Φασολάδα}

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Serves 6-8 Suitable for vegetarians and vegans   1/2kg medium beans 1 cup organic extra virgin olive oil 1 tin tomatoes 1-2 fresh tomatoes 1 onion 2 carrots 2 celery sticks Unrefined sea salt Black pepper   Soak the beans overnight in water and a small teaspoon baking soda. The next day remove the beans [...]

Feta Cheese in Herb Infused Olive Oil

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80g feta cheese 100g organic extra virgin olive oil  1 bay leaf Wild thyme Rosemary Black pepper   Cut the feta cheese in cubes and place it in a jar with the herbs and pepper. Then pour the olive oil, until the cheese is completely covered. Close the jar and allow it to infuse, it [...]

Mushroom Risotto

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Serves 4 Suitable for vegetarians and vegans (leaving out the cheese)   350g Arborio rice or Carolina rice 150ml white wine 1.2lt water 25g dried porcini mushrooms 10 chestnut mushrooms Organic extra virgin olive oil 1 onion 2 garlic cloves Unrefined sea salt Black pepper Parsley Parmesan (or kefalotyri)   Soak the porcini mushrooms in [...]


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Preparation time: 10mins Suitable for vegetarians (leaving out the sardines or anchovies) & vegans (leaving out the sardines or anchovies & the cheese)   Barley rusks or wheat rusks Tomatoes Feta Extra virgin olive oil Unrefined sea salt Wild oregano Organic Kalamata olives Optional: Spring onion or red/white onion Capers or caper leaves Sea fennel Sardines or anchovies [...]

Orzotto with Artichokes and Greek Saffron

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Preparation / cooking time: 45mins Serves 4 Suitable for vegetarians and vegans (leaving out the grated cheese!)   6 small artichokes or 1 tin/jar ½ lemon 1 mug orzo 2.5 mugs water 1 glass white wine 1 onion 2 garlic cloves 10-15 stems Greek saffron Unrefined sea salt Freshly ground black pepper Extra virgin olive [...]

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