Feta Cheese in Herb Infused Olive Oil

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80g feta cheese 100g organic extra virgin olive oil  1 bay leaf Wild thyme Rosemary Black pepper   Cut the feta cheese in cubes and place it in a jar with the herbs and pepper. Then pour the olive oil, until the cheese is completely covered. Close the jar and allow it to infuse, it [...]

Potato Salad with Tuna

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Preparation Time: 30mins Serves: 2   4-5 potatoes 1 jar tuna from Alonnisos Spring onion (or white/red onion) Capers Sea fennel Organic extra virgin olive oil Unrefined sea salt Black pepper Wild thyme 1 lemon   Steam the potatoes until they are soft; alternatively you can boil them, but both the flavor and the texture [...]

Greek Yellow Split Pea Puree (Φάβα)

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Many cultures have their own versions of pureed beans; Fava is the Greek one! Fava is often described to be similar to houmous, in a way if you like houmous, you'll probably like Fava as well, although they are two very different dishes. Fava is made of pureed yellow split peas (or Fava beans, as [...]

‘Puddings & Pies’ recipes

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Here are the two Isle of Olive recipes that were featured late last year in the handmade limited edition 'Puddings & Pies' booklet, which included recipes from stallholders at Venn Street Market.   Lemon, Honey & Mustard Chicken Cooking time: 30mins          Serves: 2-4 500g chicken breasts (or other parts of chicken, if preferred) 4 medium [...]

the magic is in the herbs!

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In Greece we love anything herbal! It is common for grandparents to advise the younger generations of a number of herbal remedies to heal headaches, stomach aches, sore throats and anything else. If there is something wrong with you, there is a herb that can help you! Below are a few herbs that we have [...]

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