Clean Monday

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Clean Monday marks the start of the Lenten period for Orthodox Christians. It is a moveable celebration that always occurs at the beginning of the 7th week before Easter Sunday, symbolising purity as on that day we start 'cleansing' our bodies and souls from all impurities, hence the name! In fact, during the week leading up to [...]

Incredible Crete

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Date: Monday 3rd – Saturday 8th November Time: 4pm-6pm Venue: The National Geographic Store, 102 Brompton Road, Knightsbridge, London SW3 1JJ   Incredible Crete was a week long event promoting the region of Crete in the UK, which took place at the National Geographic London Store in Knightsbridge. During the event we facilitated tasting sessions, where [...]


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Preparation time: 10mins Suitable for vegetarians (leaving out the sardines or anchovies) & vegans (leaving out the sardines or anchovies & the cheese)   Barley rusks or wheat rusks Tomatoes Feta Extra virgin olive oil Unrefined sea salt Wild oregano Organic Kalamata olives Optional: Spring onion or red/white onion Capers or caper leaves Sea fennel Sardines or anchovies [...]

Olive Pies (Ελιόπιτες)

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This is one of our latest discoveries that was an absolute pleasure to make, taste and share with our friends! The main ingredient of this recipe... olives! An ingredient that is in the core of our shop, hence this is the first recipe we are sharing with you as part of the 2 month series [...]

On the different varieties of Greek olives

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There is generally a widespread confusion on the question of the number of different varieties of Greek olives. A quick search on the internet is certain to show this. Some websites claim that there are over a hundred, whereas some others claim there are only three. After a fair bit of research I have come [...]

medicinal benefits of olives and olive oil

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We keep hearing about all the good stuff olive oil and olives do for our bodies... Following 'extensive research', we've summarised here for you why it's better to go for a healthy olive snack than... something else! Since ancient times, olive oil has been used more than just a food product. Taken orally or applied [...]

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