Essential Oils: From Plant to Bottle

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Here's a quick guide to our essential oils! Enjoy! The use of plant essences to influence our mood and sense of well being has been a conscious human activity since the dawn of time. In the past it was closely linked with the art of alchemists and the mystique of priestesses, but aromatherapy is now [...]

Alternative Uses of Olive Oil

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We keep talking about how good it is to use olive oil in our food, but what about other uses of olive oil outside the kitchen? Here we have compiled a list of some of its most widespread alternative uses! For a lot of these uses one doesn't necesserily need to use a super good [...]

the magic is in the herbs!

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In Greece we love anything herbal! It is common for grandparents to advise the younger generations of a number of herbal remedies to heal headaches, stomach aches, sore throats and anything else. If there is something wrong with you, there is a herb that can help you! Below are a few herbs that we have [...]

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