Wild Forest Mushroom Risotto with Syglino and Kefalotyri Crisps

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Preparation time: 45mins Serves 6   340g Carolina rice (or any good Arborio rice) 30g dried forest mushrooms (about 150ml of hot water to rehydrate them) 120g syglino Manis (smoked, salted pork preserved in olive oil) chopped in small pieces 1 banana shallot 1 garlic glove 1 glass white wine 500ml vegetable or chicken stock Unrefined [...]

Orzotto with Artichokes and Greek Saffron

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Preparation / cooking time: 45mins Serves 4 Suitable for vegetarians and vegans (leaving out the grated cheese!)   6 small artichokes or 1 tin/jar ½ lemon 1 mug orzo 2.5 mugs water 1 glass white wine 1 onion 2 garlic cloves 10-15 stems Greek saffron Unrefined sea salt Freshly ground black pepper Extra virgin olive [...]

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