Feta Cheese in Herb Infused Olive Oil

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80g feta cheese 100g organic extra virgin olive oil  1 bay leaf Wild thyme Rosemary Black pepper   Cut the feta cheese in cubes and place it in a jar with the herbs and pepper. Then pour the olive oil, until the cheese is completely covered. Close the jar and allow it to infuse, it [...]

Feta Cheese Pie (Τυρόπιτα)

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Preparation time: 1hr 30mins Serves: 12 pieces Round baking tray diameter: 32cm   400g feta cheese 800ml fresh milk (or 1 tin evaporated milk & 1 tin water) 5 eggs 1 tbs semolina Extra virgin olive oil Filo pastry   Put the milk (or evaporated milk and water) and the semolina in a big pot [...]


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Preparation time: 10mins Suitable for vegetarians (leaving out the sardines or anchovies) & vegans (leaving out the sardines or anchovies & the cheese)   Barley rusks or wheat rusks Tomatoes Feta Extra virgin olive oil Unrefined sea salt Wild oregano Organic Kalamata olives Optional: Spring onion or red/white onion Capers or caper leaves Sea fennel Sardines or anchovies [...]

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