Santorini ‘Fava’ Beans (or yellow split peas, as known outside Greece) come from the Lathurus Clymenun L. plant, that has been growing exclusively in Santorini for over 3,500 years. It is the most important product in Santorini, after the grapes and the tiny tomatoes. Its size is no bigger than a grain of thick sand. This unique legume along with the traditional method of processing give ‘fava’ its distinctive taste.


Santo Taste fava is provided only prepackaged, to avoid adulteration, and bears the name and details of the producer to ensure authenticity.


‘Fava’ can be enjoyed as an appetiser or as a main dish served with olive oil, lemon, onion and capers.


  • Protected Designation of Origin
  • Origin: Santorini, Cyclades, South Aegean Sea
  • Net weight 400g