‘The Union” (as it is known) is on the Aegean island of Samos and consists of all the winemaking-winegrowing local co-operatives. The wines are exclusively made from the ‘Muscat Petit Grain’ variety, indigenous to the island. Samos is the area of Apellation for this unique grape.


The Vin Doux is their entry level dessert wine, great value for money. It is fortified and is 15% alc. It is not oaken and is a great match for ice cream, baklava and Greek sweets, as well as tarte tatin, fruit tarts etc. Wonderful if you poach fruits in it eg. apricot, peaches, pears and then serve that with vanilla ice cream and a glass of Vin Doux!


  • Sweet white wine
  • Variety: Muscat Petit Grain
  • Origin: Samos, North Aegean Sea
  • Alcohol content 15%vol
  • Net conten 375ml