Tetramythos is a boutique winery located on the slopes of mount Aroania, in northern Peloponnese. It was founded by brothers Aristides and Stathis Spanos who, in 1999, decided to turn their passion for organic farming from a hobby into a fully-fledged commercial operation. They then enlisted Panagiotis Papagiannopoulos, today one of Greece’s most respected winemakers, to lead wine production. The three men share a common devotion to the terroir and grape varieties of the Peloponnese and have, since the project’s inception, been committed to sustainable farming practices and low intervention winemaking.


Tetramythos has been nothing short of a pioneer, acting as a driving force to recover indigenous varieties close to extinction and make terroir-driven wines accessible to a wider audience. Their beautiful vines, now covering 14 hectares, are planted on a variety of different soils at altitudes between 650 and 1050 metres on north-facing slopes where breezes from the gulf of Corinth help produce fresh, healthy and balanced grapes.


They’ve also brought a fresh approach to Retsina, the style once synonymous with cheap and rather stinky wine. Tetramnythos has reintroduced the traditional method of Retsina winemaking, fermenting the Roditis grapes in clay amphorae lined with pine resin (as opposed to the artificial flavouring used for many cheap versions…). This gives the wine all the subtlety others lack and still allows for the expression of the grape variety to come through.


What’s in the glass: Perfect balance of fruit and Retsina’s trademark herbal character. Aromas of lemon curd, lemon zest, white peach and pear with a counterpoint of rosemary, dried mint and chamomile. Soft round texture, gentle acidity and lingering, refreshing finish. A great, modern take on Retsina.


Producer: Tetramythos

Grape Variety: Roditis

Organic certified

Region/Appellation: Retsina Traditional Appellation, Peloponnese

Alcohol content: 12% ABV

Body: Medium

Current vintage: NV

Ideal serving temperature: 11ºC

Drinking window: Drink within year of release.  

Pairs perfectly with: Mushroom pie, salt cod dishes, cured cheeses or fried quid. Perfect with fish and chips too!