The Nassiakos family is one of the oldest vine-growing winemaking families in the plateau of Mantinia in the mountainous region of Arcadia in Central Peloponnese. Mantinia is a historic area of the Peloponnese with an ancient Temple to prove it! Oenologist Leonidas Nassiakos is the grandson of the founder of the family business. As one of the oldest families in the area, the Nassiakos family holds the best Moschofilero vineyards in the Mantinia Appelation area at an altitude of 600 meters and above. This must surely be a major contributing factor in the consistently high quality of their wines alongside the excellent wine-making qualities of this artisan winemaker, Leonidas Nassiakos. Moschofilero is the blanket name for a varietal with widely varying clones. The most important are ‘Asprofilero’ (White Fileri), ‘Xanthofilero’ (Blond Fileri) and ‘Mavrofilero’ (Black Fileri). Asprofilero and Xanthofilero mature much later than Mavrofilero and have lower sugars and aroma compounds together with much higher acidities. The pink skin colour, the intense Muscat-like aromas, together with the fact that the word ‘Moscho’ in Greek derives from ’Moschato’ meaning aromatic, has led many to speculate about a genetic link between Fileri and Muscat or Gewurtztraminer. However, modern DNA analysis has proved that the Moschofilero family is separate from these two varieties.

Leonidas Nassiakos describes his ‘Mantinia’ as follows: ‘Bright yellow-green colour with soft grey highlights. Fine but intense aromas on the nose, characteristic of the Moschofilero variety, with rose petal and lemon blossom to the forefront. In the mouth, fruity and well-balanced, lively with good acidity and a long aftertaste’. Moschofilero is great with seafood and salads, but especially good with Asian fusion cuisine.

  • Dry white wine
  • Variety: Moschofilero
  • Origin: Arcadia, Peloponnese
  • Alcohol content 12.5%vol
  • Net content 750ml


– Decanter World Wine Awards (2014) – Silver