Rakomelo is a traditional Greek spirit made by combining Tsipouro (raki) with honey and herbs. It can be consumed slightly heated up during the winter months when it will lend its soothing properties for mild colds and sore throats. In the summer months it is enjoyed chilled.

Our Rakomelo comes from the beautiful Cycladic island of Amorgos where it has been offered as the official welcome drink at the famous monastery of Hozoviotissa. The Rakomelo of Amorgos contains local thyme honey and eight locally sourced herbs including cinnamon with proven antioxidant properties.

Rakomelo is served as an aperitif or a digestive and can be accompanied by fresh or dried fruit, nuts, chocolate or other desserts like baklava or ravani.

  • Origin: Amorgos island
  • Alcohol content 25%vol
  • Net content 700ml/200ml