Psimeni (baked Raki) is a slight variation on the theme of Rakomelo. Similarly to Rakomelo, Psimeni is made by combining Tsipouro (raki) with honey and herbs. The difference between the two however is that Psimeni has some added sugar for some extra sweetness, more herbs which give it a more aromatic character and lower alcoholic content.

Our Psimeni comes from the beautiful Cycladic island of Amorgos and is considered a local speciality. It can be enjoyed at room temperature or even slightly heated up during the winter months and chilled during the summer. It is served as an aperitif or a digestive and can be accompanied by fresh or dried fruit, nuts, chocolate or other desserts like baklava or ravani.

  • Origin: Amorgos island
  • Alcohol content 20%vol
  • Net content 700 or 200ml