Our Throuba olives come from the northern Aegean island of Thassos and they are exclusively cultivated with organic farming standards. The Throuba variety is a unique olive variety; the olives are left to ripen naturally on the tree and require only minimum amount of processing (no pasteurisation) before they reach the consumer.


The olives come dry in an airtight jar, with just the minimum amount of salt required for their preservation (1.78% by weight). All the natural flavors are maintained as there is no brine to dominate the taste. These olives have a soft flesh and a pleasant, bitter-sweet taste. They are perfect in any salad, as a snack or for anyone who is cautious about their salt intake.


  • Unpasteurised / Raw
  • Organic
  • No preservatives
  • No additives
  • Ingredients: Throuba olives, salt 1.78%
  • Origin: Thassos, North Aegean Sea
  • Net weight 180g