Almades olives come from the indigenous to Chalkidiki, n. Greece, olive variety Chondrolia. They are gathered one month later then the rest of the production (the traditional Chalkidiki olives are firm and of green colour) and they are then cured with just salt. No other additives or preservatives are used in the curing process. The olives then receive just a light coating of sunflower oil and vinegar that keeps them moist and soft. These table olives are unique, rich and fleshy with an intense fruity taste.


  • Unpasteurised / Raw
  • No preservatives
  • No additives
  • Ingredients: *Black Chalkidiki olives, *sunflower oil, * vinegar, salt [* product of organic farming]
  • Origin: Chalkidiki, Macedonia
  • Net weight 230g