Organic Throuba Olives from Thassos 180g



Our Throuba olives come from the northern Aegean island of Thassos with a PDO status and they are exclusively cultivated with organic farming standards. The Throuba variety is a unique olive variety; the olives are left to ripen naturally on the tree and require only minimum amount of processing (no pasteurisation) before they reach the consumer.


The olives come dry, with just a protective layer of sunflower oil, in vacuum sealed packs and contain the minimum salt possible (1.78% by weight). All the natural flavors are maintained as there is no brine to dominate the taste. These olives have a soft flesh and a pleasant, bitter-sweet taste. They are perfect in any salad, as a snack or for anyone who is cautious about their salt intake.


  • Unpasteurised / Raw
  • Organic
  • No preservatives
  • No additives
  • Protected Designation of Origin
  • Ingredients: Throuba olives, salt 1.8%, sunflower oil 2%
  • Origin: Thassos, North Aegean Sea
  • Net weight 180g
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