The All Organic Greek Garden Organic Kalamon Olives are produced in the Manoussakis Estate in Sellasia, a small historic village next to Sparta. As claimed by our customers who try and buy them at our shop, these are some of the most natural and tasty olives you can put on your table. These olives come with an uncontested taste, an oval shape, firm flesh and a colour that varies from black to different hues of deep purple and brown. Their taste is a result not only of the cultivation process, during which the Manoussakis family use only natural methods, but also of the preparation of the olives, which are incised and have the bitterness removed naturally by constantly changing the water. Then the traditional Greek recipe is applied with the use of organic vinegar, non-refined sea salt and organic extra virgin olive oil for preservation.


  • Organic
  • Unpasteurised / Raw
  • Ingredients: Kalamon olives*, extra virgin olive oil*, red grape vinegar*, white grape vinegar*, balsamic vinegar*, unrefined sea salt [* Product of Organic Farming]
  • Origin: Sellasia, Sparta
  • Net weight 220g
  • Drained weight 200g