Olive oil is believed to be responsible for the good health and long life of those people who consume it. Medical studies conducted in Europe as well as in America have shown that this natural product is a shield of protection, the key to good health and vitality, a product that keeps the heart strong and offers people a very long life.

Nikos and Maria Psilakis, who have been researching the Mediterranean diet and, in particular, the Cretan diet, published a book on olive oil, in May 1999, in cooperation with the medical professor Elias Castanas. That book refers. in detail, to the history of the olive oil, as well as to the results of all the medical studies. It also contains practical advice on the correct use of the product, along with many recipes from both the traditional and the modern Greek cuisine.

This new publication contains a brief history of olive oil, summarizes the results of the medical studies and gives extensive information about the use of the golden juice of the olive. The 130 recipes in the book (from salads to scented oils, dips, pulses, meat, fish, even sweets) constitute a full guide for those who want to learn its secrets.

The authors are founder members of the Greek Academy of Taste. Nikos Psilakis has been awarded a prize by the Academy of Athens.

  • 175 pages