If you put natural unrefined sea salt next to commercial refined supermarket salt and compare them you will notice a huge difference. It is not only the health benefits of the natural unrefined salt, which retains all the minerals that are lost in processed salt, it is also the taste and the texture that have a huge effect in your cooking. Since salt is the most widely used spice in every kitchen, perhaps it is worth reconsidering if it is worth saving money on this crucial part of your cooking by going for the cheap refined supermarket salt. Perhaps a good starting point would be to start using unrefined salt as your finishing salt, on cooked meals and over salads which will really make the taste of the food stand out.

Isle of Olive’s unrefined sea salt is a top quality salt in small flakes, that is hand collected from the region of Messolonghi in Epirus.


  • Unrefined, unprocessed
  • 100% natural
  • Origin: Messolonghi, W Greece
  • Net weight 170g