G.Tsibidis  founded the Monemvasia winery in 1997 armed with an overarching business that went well beyond just making wine. The project’s goal was to not only plant and produce wines from the multiple local varieties but also conduct extensive historical and scientific research on the origins and production of the historical Monemvasia wines. Having taken the name of the local port, these were once traded across the Mediterranean and prized by the European aristocracy, its reputation being well documented in historical and literary documents.

With the advent of transatlantic trade and the rise of other European superpowers (namely Spain and Portugal), the wine from Monemvasia fell into oblivion and its name was instead used worldwide for a number of varieties related to the local Monemvasia/Malvasia grape.


The rediscovery of this heritage is Tsibidis ongoing effort. The estate now covers 20 hectares planted with Monemvasia (Malvasia), Kydonitsa, Assyrtiko, Asproudes, Mavroudi, Agiorgitiko, Limniona, Moschofilero, Roditis and Malagousia.  It is thought that these were all used and blended in the production of Monemvasia’s sweet wines. But Tsibidis now produces a wide range of single-varietal dry wines that showcase the specific characters of each of the grapes.


Kydonitsa was an extremely old, local and almost lost variety that owes its name to Kydoni (Greek for quince) due to its characteristic aromas and flavours. It is the preservation of these characters that Monemvasia Winery seeks, simply fermenting it in stainless steel, under a protective environment, for a fresh, fruity wine that is designed to be drunk young.


What’s in the glass: A fresh and highly drinkable wine with a perfect balance of fruitiness and acidity. Kydonitsa’s characteristic aromas of quince, cooked pear and peach are topped by gentle floral notes. Very soft palate with flavours that follow the nose with an added touch of tropical fruit (pineapple, nectarine). Crisp, refreshing finish.



Producer: Monemvasia Winery

Grape Variety: 100% Kidonitsa

Region/Appellation:  Monemvasia, Lakonia PGI

Alcohol content: 13% ABV

Body: Light

Current vintage: 2019

Ideal serving temperature: 10ºC

Drinking window: Drink within year of release. 

Pairs perfectly with: Mezze, summer salads, vegetable quiche.