Melodia is a new and dynamic company that specializes exclusively in the production of organic honey. Melodia moves their bee colonies to mountainous and semi-mountainous regions of Greece, selecting unspoilt ecosystems. As a result Melodia produces organic beekeeping products of the highest quality.  In the international competition of organic honey BIOLMIEL 2017 their Oak Tree and Fir Tree honeys were awarded a gold medal thus confirming the highest standards attained by their products.

This is a unique honey addressed to a very specific audience: those who can appreciate a bitter taste. This creamy and cloudy honey from strawberry trees (Κουμαριά) has a distinctive bitterness which may seem strange at first, but the aftertaste allows the sweetness of honey to create a magical carpet for the tastebuds. In just one word: Unique.

  • Unpasteurised / Raw
  • Product of organic beekeeping
  • Net weight 430g
  • Crystallization is a natural phenomenon of the pure unrefined honey