Melissokomiki Serron is a company specialising in the production of honey, located in Serres, North Greece, with a history that goes back to 1988.


This is how they describe their work: “The soul and essence of blossoms and pines of Greek nature, combined with the bee’s natural workshop the hive, produce the pure honey of MELI SERRON we care and love for three generations, offering you the opportunity to reach your table.


The nutritional value of honey is very high and contributes to the proper functioning of the human body. The sugar content of honey is absorbed easily and immediately and so honey represents a quick source of energy for all bodies, like athletes, children, pregnant women, and all sick and distressed organisms. Honey contains trace elements, essential for metabolism and nutrition, components of bones and cells, which participate in various enzyme systems and regulate the acidity of the stomach. The vitamins of the honey facilitate the absorption of sugars. It has furthermore antiseptic properties (assists in healing, cleansing and disinfection of wounds), acts energetic, increases the heart rhythm function, reduces stomach ulcers and helps the rehabilitation in cases of anemia due to its ferrous content.


Furthermore and due to choline, honey helps against constipation problems and its antimicrobial function prevents the growth of bacteria and other pathogen organisms.


There exist two wide types of honey. Blossom honey produced from the nectar of blossoms and honeydew produced by the juices of pine, fir and other forest plants.


The Pine honey comes from the mountain Kerkini and has a smooth taste, rich aroma, high nutritional value, vitamins and minerals.


  • Unpasteurised / Raw
  • Origin: Neo Souli, Serres
  • Net weight 320g