Tsipouro without Anise constitutes the primary distillate obtained from Black Muscat from Tyrnavos. The first fractions of the distillation (heads) and the last ones (tails) are removed. The main distillate (heart) is slowly redistillated at a low temperature. Thus, the distillate keeps the aroma and the nature of the grape variety obtained from unaltered. 
Apart from the aroma of the black muscat, which dominates, aromas of spring roses, blackberry, citrus fruit, peach etc. are detected in the distillate. Its taste is soft and its aftertaste pleasantly aromatic. 

It is served without water at 12-15°C. It is accompanied by traditional Greek delicacies, such as meat in spicy sauce, Greek sausage with peppers, spicy salads, pickles etc.

  • Tsipouro, Greek aperitif and digestif
  • Origin: Tyrnavos
  • Alcohol content 40%vol
  • Net content 200 or 700ml