“Dictamo” or dittany of Crete (scientific name: Origanum Dictamnus) is a plant endemic to Crete that is commonly taken as an infusion. It is a tender perennial plant that grows to a height of 10-20cm, with small grey-green leaves that have a velvety texture. In Minoan Crete and ancient Greece it was considered one of the greatest medicinal plants. Hippocrates used Dictamo to treat ailments of the stomach and the digestive system, rheumatisms, arthritis, as an emmenagogue and to invigorate the nervous system and treat spasms. When fresh, it is also known to help heal wounds by being directly applied on the affected area of the skin.


Please note, Dictamo should not be consumed during the early stages of pregnancy.


  • Dried naturally away from the sun
  • Hand picked
  • Hand packaged
  • Origin: Crete
  • Net weight 25g