These whole blossoms of oregano come from a small organic farm on an Eastern Aegean island. The Origanum onites varietal has prospered in the region since always, but only a handful of farmers cultivate it nowadays. The reason why such a remarkable herb is so little known remains a mystery! Harvested by hand, dried naturally, and sorted in-house at Daphnis and Chloe.

Tingling, herbaceous and refreshing, this is one of the most remarkable finishing oreganos you’ll find out there. Sprinkle over grilled veggies, oily fish such as sardines, Feta cheese, or fresh goat cheese. Give a twist to your Greek salad or homemade pizza. The islanders typically use it for marinating lamb or dark-skinned chicken.

The best way to use these blossoms is to crush them right before use. Take a pinch of the herb in your palms and use your fingers to crumble it into little pieces. You’ll need 3-4 buds per portion, but honestly, the perfect dosage is a matter of taste. 


  • Ingredients: Oregano
  • Produced in: Athens, Greece
  • Net weight 9g