Citrus Fruit Pies {Halvadopites}



Citrus is situated in Kambos in the Greek island of Chios, in a unique manor which has existed since 1742. Citrus Memory Scent was created in 2008 in order to highlight and promote the history of citrus fruits in Chios. It is an initiative that aims to dynamically link the past with the present and the future of citrus fruits in Kambos. Through a historical recursion to the role of the Hesperides fruits in the development of the region and the commercial expansion in the past, the visitor realizes that the unique cultural value of Kambos exists because of its oranges and unique mandarins.


On the other hand, the current utilisation of the fruits from Citrus into new practices, flavours and fragrances confirms that alternative and qualitative methods can provide modern man with a living memory scent of products that are produced in small cottage industries, are handmade and awaken memories of a bygone era that we all have heard, experienced and tasted. 


The fruit pies are a traditional product of the island of Chios, enjoyed as a healthy snack; two sheets of paper thin wafer with the filling sandwiched in between, made of dried fruit, nuts and syrup. Presented in attractively designed packaging, one bite will take you back to the island!



  • Strawberry & Walnut: strawberry 42%, sugar, water, wafer (wheat flour, starch, salt), walnuts 6%, lemon juice
  • Chian Tangerine with Sesame: mandarin 42%, sugar, water, sesame 6%, wafer (wheat flour, starch, salt), lemon juice
  • Quince with Almond: quince 42%, sugar, water, wafer (wheat flour, starch, salt), almonds 6%, lemon juice, cinnamon
  • Plum with Almond & Mastic: plum 42%, sugar, wafer (wheat flour, starch, salt), almonds 6%, lemon juice, mastic oil
  • Orange & Chocolate: orange 42%, water, wafer (wheat flour, starch, salt), dark chocolate 6% (cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, emulsifier: soya lecithin, vanilla, cocoa solids: 58% min), lemon juice
  • Cherry & Walnut: cherry 42%, sugar, water, wafer (wheat flour, starch, salt), walnuts 6%, lemon juice


  • May contain traces of other nuts
  • Origin: Chios, Eastern Aegean Sea
  • Net weight 70g
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