Camomile makes a beautiful light sweet herbal infusion, often served with honey or lemon, which can be enjoyed hot or cold. Camomile tea tastes better when the whole flowers are brewed, rather than from a powder in a sachet and that is what makes our Camomile tea special. Camomile also has a number of therapeutic attributes. Due to its soothing properties, it is often used to help with sleep and stomach problems, including menstrual pain and cramps, as well as treat anxiety. It also helps with digestion, so it is great after a big meal! It can also be applied directly onto the skin to treat pain and inflammation.


As camomile can cause uterine contractions, which can lead to miscarriage, it is recommended to be avoided during pregnancy.


  • Dried naturally away from the sun
  • Wild organic
  • Hand picked
  • Hand packaged
  • Origin: Macedonia
  • Net weight 50g