The All Organic Greek Garden Extra Virgin Olive oil is a gourmet olive oil exclusively sourced by Isle of Olive and made available in the UK. Produced in an olive grove in the historic village of Sellasia, near Sparta, Greece, this olive oil comes from the rare local variety of olives known as “Koutsourelia”. The Manoussakis family, owners of this beautiful olive grove, has succeeded in producing with very strict organic farming an extra virgin olive oil unique in aroma, taste, colour and texture. Sensitive to the health and nutritional high standards of consumers, their olives are hand picked and cold pressed to preserve the beneficial organic substances of olive oil. This olive oil is characterised by its light golden colour and a fresh grassy taste. Comes in 500ml bottle with the Greek certification of organic products.


  • Extra Virgin
  • Cold Extraction
  • Single Variety: Koutsourelia
  • Single Estate
  • Organic
  • Unfiltered
  • Acidity 0-0.8%
  • Origin: Sellasia, Laconia, Peloponnese
  • Net content 250/500ml


International Awards:

– Great Taste Award 2015 – 1 Gold Star