Greek Mountain Tea is the infusion made out of the flowers and leaves of the Ironwort plant, known in Greece as “Sideritis”. This is the most popular type of herbal tea consumed in Greece, it can be found in almost every home! It contains flavonoids and it is thought to heal and help prevent the common cold, inflammation of the upper respiratory system, indigestion and intestinal disorders. It is also considered to be antioxidant and a natural pain and stress reliever.

The Mountain tea from 1450 Hellenic Exceptional herbs contains 20g of flowers of 100% organically cultivated Mountain tea and comes in a handy package with 20 tea bags and 5 wooden sticks. For every cup, you need to fill a tea bag with the tea flowers and add fresh water. The temperature of the water must be approximately 90-95 degrees Celcius (just before its boiling point). Your herbal drink will be ready within 8 to 10 minutes.

You may also add honey or lemon for a different flavour.

Mountain tea (Sideritis) can be served as an excellent hot winter beverage, but also as a refreshing drink during the hot summer months.

  • 100% Organic dried Flowers of the Sideritis plant
  • Great Taste Awards 2020 winner
  • Does not contain Caffeine
  • Origin: Kastoria
  • Net weight 20g