Mastiha is a product that is unique, rare and distinctive with a history that can be traced back to ancient times. Its cultivation and processing even today is made mostly by hand, using traditional and time proven methods and takes place only in the 24 villages of southern Chios that have been blessed with the gift of the mastiha tree. In the last few years however, we have seen an explosion of the imagination as far as the applications and the uses of mastiha are concerned. Many innovative food items, natural body care products, sweets and desserts contain mastiha for its unique taste and health properties. At Isle of Olive online shop you can find a whole range of these here.

This October we will be placing our focus specifically on organic mastiha products. In collaboration with the Mastihashop who is our partner and supplier of all our mastiha products, we will be hosting a 10 day tasting program at our shop. Visit our shop from the 8th until the 18th of October to try out unique organic mastiha products, be educated on the origin, the history and the uses of mastiha and have a chance to participate in a draw to win some of the products that will be displayed.

Hope to see you soon..