Date: Thursday 3rd May

Time: 7.30pm-9.30pm

Venue: Isle of Olive, 6c Ada Street, Hackney, London E8 4QU


As consumers we have increasingly become aware of the environmental and health implications that the use of additives, herbicides and pesticides has in the production of the food we eat. And if we rightfully worry about the our choices of the quality of our food, we should also worry about what is gone in the bottle of wine we are having with our dinner.

There are many ethical, health and quality reasons to choose wines made with minimum intervention and without additives. But how does one differentiate, taste and choose a wine that follows these principles? What does it mean if a wine is labelled ‘organic’ or ‘biodynamic’? What about ‘natural’?

Join us to answer these questions and learn about the work of committed winemakers that refuse to use products and techniques that harm the environment and our bodies, as well as mask the true expression of fruit and terroir.

You’ll leave with enough knowledge to decipher wine labels and, above all, to drink better!


Tickets are £25 (+ booking fee) and Strictly Limited


Photo Credit: Domaine Papagiannakos