Alonissos Tuna Pasta Salad

1 jar White Alonissos Tuna in extra virgin olive oil

250g Chiotiko Kelari wholewheat casarecce pasta

3 spring onions

½ cucumber

a small handful of pickled sea samphire ‘kritama’

20-30 sprigs of dill

a handful of fresh parsley

1 charleston green pepper

a few Santorini capers OR a handful of green amfissa olives stone removed and sliced

juice from one lemon

organic extra virgin olive oil (alternatively, you can use the olive oil from the jar)

unrefined sea salt

black pepper


In a large saucepan heat 1 litre of water, heavily salted. When it starts boiling throw in the pasta, and allow it to boil for 5-6mins. Drain well and put in a large deep salad bowl.

Open carefully the jar of tuna; you don’t want to spill any of the precious olive oil! Pour some of the said oil over the pasta, toss it around so it goes everywhere so that the pasta pieces won’t stick together. Dice the cucumber, thinly slice the spring onions and green pepper; throw everything into the bowl. Stir well, and put half a handful of kritama, the olives (remove the stones and slice) or capers and all the lemon juice. Season the salad with a little bit of sea salt and black pepper. Stir again. Top it with tuna flakes, hand torn, the dill and parsley roughly chopped, and more black pepper. Drizzle a little more of the oil. It’s ready to enjoy with a glass of Retsina Ritinitis or a glass of Santorini Assyrtiko!


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