Date: Saturday 10th October

Time: You’ll need to book you slot: 7-8.30pm | 9.15-10.45pm

Venue: Isle of Olive, 6c Ada Street, Hackney, London E8 4QU


Following the success of our previous Ancient Greek Supper Club, we has teamed up again with The Philosopher’s Stove; experts in ancient artisan Greek food, to bring you another evening of delicious food!

Join us to taste authentic recipes from ancient Greece and have an unforgettable culinary experience from times and places beyond. Speak to the creators of these unique dishes and learn about the ingredients and the origins of the recipes!

PRE-BOOKING REQUIRED – tickets available at Isle of Olive or you can book online here

Tickets: £35 (includes 4 dishes + 1 glass of wine)



Ancient Philosopher’s Salad 

Ancient salad made in summertime, with farro, pomegranate, feta cheese, parsley, walnut & diced cucumber. 

The Argonaut’s Larder 

Honey-glazed prawns with extra virgin olive oil, garum & wild oregano. Served with a slice of crusty barley bread. 


Dionysus’ Finger Food 

Tender vine leaves stuffed with pork mince & prawn, with a delicious herb mix of fennel seeds, black pepper & thyme. Shallow fried in extra virgin olive oil. Served with honey, extra vigin olive oil, garum & fresh oregano dip. 


Roast Hare

Delicious roast hare with onions, lovage and red wine sauce. Recipe from a wedding feast of Caranus in 300BC Macedonia. 


Cicero’s Burger (v) 

Chickpea & walnut burger, seared in premium extra virgin olive oil. Served with fresh parsley, chilies & our signature smoked Greek yogurt sauce. Based on a fusion of ancient & modern ingredients & spices. 


Honey & Ricotta Pies 

Our own little sweet invention, based on the recipes, ingredients & taste of the Greco-Roman world. Individual pies with ricotta cheese, honey, white pepper & poppy seeds.