This is a great recipe showing how creative one can be in his/her cooking; mixing old and new, modern and traditional…

For this recipe we have used mixed berries spoon sweet, though really you can use any spoon sweet or marmalade you like. One thing to keep in mind is to try to go for a spoon sweet that has a bit of texture, like the one we’ve used or maybe the rose petals one, as if the syrup is too liquid and the pieces of fruit too big, it may not work well.


250g Digestive or Papadopoulou Petit Beurre biscuits

120g melted butter


600g Philadelphia cream cheese (or mascarpone)

60g icing sugar

200g whipped cream


Mixed berries spoon sweet (or any other spoon sweet or marmalade of your choice)



Place the biscuits in the blender and blend them until they are completely ground. Move them into a bowl and mix them with the melted butter.

Place the mix into a baking tray of 20cm diameter. Spread the mix with our fingers, pushing down to make it as compact as possible.


Place the cream cheese, icing sugar and cream in the mixer and mix until it has formed a cream with smooth texture. Once ready, pour on top of the base and using a spatula spread all around.

Cover with cling film or aluminium foil and place in the fridge for 1-2hrs, allowing the cream to set.


Once the cheesecake is cold, pour on top the mixed berries spoon sweet (or other spoon sweet or marmalade of your choice) and serve!


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