Alternative Uses of Olive Oil

We keep talking about how good it is to use olive oil in our food, but what about other uses of olive oil outside the kitchen?

Here we have compiled a list of some of its most widespread alternative uses! For a lot of these uses one doesn’t necesserily need to use a super good quality extra virgin olive oil, an inexpensive one will do the job just fine! Although if used on your body, you may prefer using a nice organic one!

–          lip balm

–          skin moisturiser

–          (mixed with sugar) face scrub

–          nail moisturiser before manicure

–          eye make up remover

–          lice treatment

–          lamp fuel

–          throat soother

–          ear ache relief

–          smooth shave

–          hair tonic

–          hair frizz control

–          bath oil

–          shoe polish

–          floor polish

–          wood furniture polish

–          stainless steel and brass shine

–          plant leaves shine

–          reduces snoring

–          personal natural lubricant

–          hinge natural lubricant

–          treats nappy rash

–          paint remover from skin and hair

–          sticker remover

–          conditions leather

–          free a stuck zipper

–          cleans up garden tools

–          (for cats) prevents hairballs and provides shiny coat



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