from this…

carving the pumpkin











to this…











to this…


pumpkin pie










– the insides of a pumpkin!

– feta cheese

– parmesan cheese

organic extra virgin olive oil

natural unrefined sea salt

– black pepper

– cinnamon

– egg

– raw cow milk

– semolina

– filo pastry

please note: quantities have not been included as they were random… use your common sense and you cannot go wrong! just make sure you don’t put too much milk, semolina or cinnamon. for the rest of the ingredients i guess the more the better!



place the pumpkin under the grill and cook on high heat. mix all other ingredients in bowl. once pumpkin is soft, mix everything together. spread olive oil on the tray, lay three sheets of filo pastry at the bottom, add the mix, then cover with another three sheets of filo pastry, put some more olive oil on top. before placing the pie back in the oven mark the pieces with a sharp knife. cook in the oven for about 20mins.