• Yanni’s Olive Grove – Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Chalkidiki 500ml

    Yanni’s olive grove is a small family business located in Chalkidiki, northern Greece. Year after year they produce excellent olive oil that has received numerous awards in international competitions. They work with three olive varieties, the Chondrolia which is a typical olive variety of Chalkidiki, the Agrielia, a form of wild olive and the less known Galani of Chalkidiki.  They are the only company that has been accredited with a certification for protected designation of origin (PDO) status for their Chalkidiki early harvest olive oil. All the olive oils in this series have among the highest values in Oleocanthal and Oleacein, the two phenols that are responsible for the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action of olive oil in the body. The intense peppery and slightly bitter taste of these olive oils is a testament to this. These olive oils are for the real connoisseurs!


    • Extra virgin
    • Cold extraction
    • Bottled with nitrogen which keeps the olive oil fresh until opening
    • Very high levels of phenols with strong antioxidant action
    • Gold Medal – New York International Olive Oil Competition 2016 (Yanni’s Finest)
    • Silver Medal – New York International Olive Oil Competition 2016 (Yanni’s Limited)
    • World’s Top 100 Extra Virgin Olive Oils – EVOOLEUM Competition Spain (Yanni’s Family)
    • Origin: Nea Potidea, Chalkidiki
    • Net content: 500ml
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