• Alexandra Stratou – Cooking to Share

    Cooking to Share‘ is a Greek cookbook honoring family, uncompromised tradition, cooking and life.

    The author; Alexandra Stratou, has dedicated the book to Kyria Loula, who cooked her family’s food, and to her grandmother, who taught her the importance of family.

    The recipes you will find in this cookbook are tried and tested. They are healthy, and homey and utterly Greek. They are traditional but also have a refined touch; they are memory filled.

    Each recipe will tell you a story, that story will be told through the photos Alexandra Stratou chose to include, the text she wrote, the way her team and herself decided to present the recipe.

    One of the things Alexandra loves doing is extracting the beauty from everyday situations and communicating about them. Food, and specifically the food you will find in her cookbook is an every day event, a personal thing, a family affair, literally and metaphorically, so it will be the inspiration for her writing.


    • 270 pages
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